There’s an easier, more profitable way to enjoy better service and spend less on your small package shipping.

We work with Global, national and regional shipping providers to secure you the most competitive small package pricing available in the marketplace - with less stress and less hassle.


Instantly discover if you can reduce your shipping costs by answering three simple questions.

It takes less than 60 seconds!


Q. What does this cost?

All of our services are free, we simply keep a very small portion of the negotiated savings once negotiations are complete. This means you get better service and better pricing that you didn't have access to previously, at no cost to you.

Q. Why can't I get the best deal from the carriers directly myself?

It's the same reason you shouldn't operate on yourself, drive a race while eating a sandwich, or skydive without a parachute.  You might not get the result you wanted.  You have already proven that you can get a contract from the carrier.  There is no question about that.  You have now earned the right to a better experience, enhanced profitability, and greater control. Your time is far too valuable to invest in an area where others specialize.  Who do think was under the hood of last years Formula Once race car winner? The driver does not ensure that the car is in razor sharp performance condition. He/ she steers the car and their specialized team ensures their results, matched with his/ her direction ensures victory. Our staff has hundreds of years of combined experience.  This is what we do 24/ 7 / 365.  We are the experts in our field.  We target over 100 points of negotiation and maintain a 98% success rate.  It is in your best interest to maximize your savings to not only win the “Shipping Game” but more importantly, to dominate your competition and explode your business.

Q. Why do I have to answer 3 questions?

At Bridegsource we employ detailed analytics to surgically identify areas of enhancement within your existing contracts. By informing us how much you’re sending and spending we’re able to compare your needs to those of our other clients and assess what level of savings you can expect.

Q. Why does BridgeSource Consulting focus on shipping?

Our sole mission here at BridgeSource is to empower you and your business to thrive.

YOUR success is OUR obsession. Seriously.


Easily reduce headaches and increase profits,
without putting extra tasks on your plate.

You owe it to yourself to at least CHECK if you can reduce your shipping costs (while upgrading your technology and workflow system). Don’t worry, there’s absolutely no strings attached. All you have to do is answer three simple questions that will help us understand your business’s shipping needs and current costs. We’ll analyze it and let you know what kind of savings customers of ours that have similar needs and costs are experiencing right now, and what you could expect to save by partnering with BridgeSource.

After analyzing all of your data we will send you back your “Enhanced Savings Plan” that will detail where your hidden profits lie within your small package supply chain.

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